Troy University's SEC Matchup Means Big Business for Hotels, Vendors


By Brittany Bivins

Troy University is gearing up for one of its biggest games of the season, a matchup at home against Mississippi State. It's the first time Troy has hosted an SEC team, and local businesses are getting ready for the crowds.

An average football weekend brings in about $1 million in additional revenue, according to Clerk Treasurer of Troy, Alton Starling. That's factoring in the cost of the ticket, hotel, gas and meals. However, he estimates it could be close to $4 million if the stadium sells out all 30,000 seats on Saturday.

Dawn Railey, Director of Sales at Courtyard and Hampton Inn in Troy, says both hotels are already sold out for Friday and Saturday nights. "There's no comparison, because we've had big weekend before, but this is by far the biggest football weekend we've had to date," she said.

However, it's not just the hotels that are preparing for extra customers. Sean Croft, Kitchen Manager at Santa Fe Cattle Company, says the restaurant is bringing in extra staff and stocking up on supplies. "We have 200 chopped steaks prepared for one of the catered orders that we've got coming up this Friday.  We also have the local people coming in to see the game and commuters, so we're ready," he said.

According to Starling, a $4 million turnout could mean $120,000  to support city services, including fire, police and recrational opportunities for the city. "That's a pretty big impact," he said.

Kickoff is scheduled for 6 PM on Larry Blakeney Field at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

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