Saturday, December 20, 2014

Union Springs Considering Ban on Saggy Pants
By Brittany Bivins

A Bullock County town is looking into a law that would ban sagging pants in public. Union Springs leaders say it will help re-make the town’s image, but not everyone is happy about the idea.

Union Springs Mayor Saint Thomas, Junior says banning sagging pants is a step to making the city more tourist-friendly. But some people say that limits their freedom to express themselves.

The ordinance would ban people in Union Springs from wearing pants which fall too far below the waistlines or show skin or underwear. The police department would issue citations to offenders, but city leaders say the punishment won't be a traditional fine.

"Pick up paper. Pick up paper or pull up your pants. You know, I’m looking at it like, if you get caught with your pants hanging down, I see a stick with a nail in it and a bag on the side, pick up paper," said Stan Cooks, City Councilman.

The idea has people talking. “I think it’s a great idea, except I’d like to see them take six months of national guard or something. That would be even better, in the army for awhile," said Margie Jordan.

Brandan Brassell, though, opposes the ban. “They just don’t want you to wear sagging pants but that’s like telling the next person how to dress, you know what I’m saying, we can’t do that, you know what I’m saying, that’s messing with our freedom and our rights, we’re free to do whatever we wanna do, come on, that’s, it’s just too much," he said.

City leaders say it's all about re-creating the city's image for people who don't live here. “I want them to look at this place as, oh this is a great town to stop on the way to the beach, you know or, this is a nice little retirement community," said Cooks.

The mayor has appointed a committee to research how the City could implement the ban on sagging pants and get input from local people. City leaders are planning a community forum on the ban early next year.