Union Springs Holds "Stop the Violence" Event


By Brittany Bivins


nion Springs held its first "Stop The Violence" event to honor past victims of violence and try to stop it from happening in the future.


About 3 dozen people gathered at the Bullock County High School gym for barbecue, games, and most of all, to honor their loved ones. City leaders say it's appropriate to have the events over the Independence Day holiday.

t's really affected me and my wife and my daughter, the whole family, my nieces, everybody. You know, violence, it's really hard on you, when your loved ones get killed by a gun," Cobb said.


t's a time to celebrate and I want us to celebrate life as a whole, and with the people we have lost, I feel this is a time to memorize them, and to bring their memories forth to our community," said City Council Member Roderick Clark.

Kareem Middleton grew up in Union Springs, but made the trip from Atlanta to honor another violence victim.


Even though Union Springs reports few murders every year, city leaders say violence rates are too high.

y friend, Raymond "Jabo" Cox, he was a very close friend to me, more like a brother, and it would be only right for me to be here, to honor him. This is his day, along with the others who lost their lives unexpected," said Middleton.


ne murder's always too many, due to the simple fact that, what if that murder was in my family?" said Clark.

Those who have lost family members say they want to make a difference, to prevent tragedies from happening to others. Derek Cobb, who lost his son to gun violence, says he has a message for young people.


The activites don't end Wednesday night. There will be a basketball tournament at the old BCHS gym on the 4th of July. The event kicks off at 6 P.M.

here's more to life than just violence, guns, you know, get an education, first of all. Get an education, but don't relate on violence. Killing, stabbing and just nonsense," said Cobb.

Derek Cobb, Sr. Knows firsthand the impact violence can have on a community. His son, Derek Cobb, Jr. was murdered in 2007.

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