Union Springs Police Investigate Vandalism at Cemetery


By Brittany Bivins

Union Springs Police are trying to figure out who vandalized the gates of a city cemetery last week.

"It may be a prank, but it's a bad prank to do at a cemetery, you know," said Clarence Wheeler, Union Springs Police Chief.

Today, you won't find any gates on along the fence of the Oak Hill Cemetery in Union Springs. They've been gone since last Thursday, when city officials found them hanging off the hinges. Police say they think the damage was intentional.

"Someone ran into the cemetery gates, ran into one of the gates with some kind of vehicle, and they pulled the other gate off the hinges with a chain or some object," said Wheeler.

Nothing else in the cemetery was damaged, but the area has no surveillance cameras

, so police say they're short on leads. The Oak Hill Cemetery is the oldest in Union Springs and people who live here say they don't know why it would be targeted.They feel really terrible, you know, it's a sad situation now," said Wheeler.

If you have any information, you can call Union Springs Police at (334) 738-3131.


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