Union Springs Police: Watch Out for Counterfeit Money


By Brittany Bivins

Police in Union Springs are warning local businesses to be on the lookout for fake money

, which they say has shown up across the area over the last few days.," said Wheeler.

So far


, Union Springs cashiers have been able to spot the money as counterfeit before they exchanged it for actual goods, but police worry that could change if more fake cash comes into the area, and that has other businesses on high alert.I check my money, I look at the paper more carefully," said Monique Lee, who works at the BP in Union Springs.

Police say they believe the counterfeit money may have come from out of state. If you have a tip, call the Union Springs Police Department at

(334) 738-3131.

Union Springs Police Chief Clarence Wheeler says they found the bills at a gas station last week. "The cashier called us and reported it to use, and we went over to pick it up, and they were counterfeit," he said.

He says they were easy to spot as fakes because these bills are made with different ink on different paper, and all of them have the same serial number.

And this fake money could pose a real problem for other businesses.

"It hurt the store owners and everything, you know, it's a problem, counterfeit money coming into the area, and they gave the product out and they can't get the return for it

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