Saturday, December 20, 2014

Victim's Family Speaks Out About Shooting Victim in Pike County Home Invasion
By Brittany Bivins

Two men are dead after a Sunday night shooting in Pike County. The sheriff  says one man broke into a home, killing a man who lived there, but not before the victim had a chance to fire back. Now family members and the rest of the community are trying to piece together what happened.

The shooting victim's mother says she doesn't know why a man broke into her home and shot her son, but she says she wants answers and justice for her family.

Ernestine Casrell was at her home on Highway 125 just outside of Brundidge at 7:30 Sunday night when it happened. Sheriff's officials say a man in a ski mask Adrian McClendon from Ozark, kicked in her front door. Casrell was watching a move on television with her brother. "I kept hearing some bumping going on, and then it got louder and louder," she said.

She says that's when McClendon burst in with a gun. "He started shooting, firing in my house, so there was gunfire and my son, my son, started firing back." She says her son, Terrence Casrell, fell to the floor, as the gunman ran outside. Casrell found McClendon by the roadside, with two gunshot wounds.

"He said I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.I said, sorry ain't good enough, you busted into my house, kicked my door in, you shot my house, you shot my son," said Casrell.

When sheriff's officials arrived, both men were dead. "It's very unusual, unheard of, for something like this to happen, but as we see all across this state, all across this country, this just hits a little closer to home," said Sheriff Russell Thomas.

Ernestine Casrell says she saw a car speed away just after he son was shot, and she thinks other people may be involved. She says she wants anyone who had a hand in her son's death to pay. "He's not going to be here on Christmas, my son. They took something away from me that I birthed in this world. I want them to suffer dearly," she said.

Sheriff Russell Thomas says his office hasn't identified any other suspects, but the case is still under investigation. Law enforcement officials are still working to determine a motive for the shooting.