Sunday, December 21, 2014

What Does the Job Market Look Like for Recent College Graduates?
By Brittany Bivins

The March jobs report is out, and it's bad news for people looking for work. The nation added 88,000 jobs last month. That's about half what analysts had expected. The national unemployment rate fell to 7.6%, but that's only because hundreds of thousands of people dropped out of the workforce.

Next month, thousands of college students will also begin looking for jobs. At Troy University, students have mixed views about the future of the job market.


There are jobs out there, it's just you have to look for the right ones, and sometimes in the fields that you graduate in, it's harder to find a job. in my particular field, it could go either way," said Reginald Stevens, who majored in Spanish.


Students just might have to work a little harder to find them, because there's more competition.

"That makes it harder for you because there's resumes out there from everyone all over the country that are willing to move and do all this great stuff, and you're just sitting here like, I'll move too, please give me a job," said Elizabeth Rodgers, who will graduate in May.

Still, Cole says, there are opportunities for recent grads who take the extra initiative.

We are seeing that the job economy is bouncing back, it's slow but sure. There are a lot more entry-level jobs out there," she said.


Troy University's Career Services Center is open to all Troy University students who want to perfect their resumes or get more assistance with their job searches.

It's all about networking. Asking their family, their friends, friends of friends of friends, for contacts, that's the way you get a job, and not being scared to approach a business, to approach an employer," said Cole.

There is good news locally, though. At Troy's Spring Job Fair, about 45 employers came, many looking to hire fresh graduates. Lauren Cole, Career Services Coordinator, says that's an increase.