Woman Charged for Assault at Troy Waffle House


By Brittany Bivins

A Pike County woman is charged with assault after police say she started a fight with employees at a Troy Waffle House. 

Erika Chambers was at the restaurant about 4:00 on Sunday morning when she reportedly became upset that her order had not arrived quickly enough.

"What I saw was this girl just get frustrated and just go crazy because they hadn't gotten her omelet to her yet," said Kelsey Wilkes, who watched the scene unfold from a nearby booth and captured video on her cell phone. As of Tuesday, the YouTube version has close to 500 views.

Her friend Luke Sharp also witnessed the fight. He says Chambers began swearing at employees and banging her fists on the counter, even after a worker offered to refund the money and serve her before the other customers.

"She threw a ketchup bottle at the woman on the phone with the cops, and then she threw a stapler at the cook who was trying to help her get her cheese omelet ahead of everybody else, hit the light with a bottle which caused a whole scene that was right under the light, all the glass got on their food," he said.

For witnesses like Wilkes, the entire incident was scary. "I was terrified. My friends and I were at one point going to crawl under the tables, because I mean, nowadays, people have weapons, you don't know if anybody's carrying anything," she said.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after 4:00 and charged Chambers with misdemeanor assault. A Waffle House employee was treated at a hospital for minor injuries and released.


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