Sunday, December 21, 2014

Police: Man Shot in Pike Co. Home Invasion Linked to 2 Robberies
By CBS 8 News

Authorities believe a man shot to death in Pike County earlier this month was behind a pair of armed robberies in southeast Alabama.


Police say 31-year-old Adrian Cornelius McClendon of Ozark is being linked to robberies at a convenience store and a restaurant in the city earlier this month.


Investigators say their suspicion is based on video from the holdups and discussions with relatives of the man after he was shot and killed in the Tarentum community on Dec. 16.


A Stop and Go store was robbed on Dec. 8 in Ozark, and an employee of Ann's Restaurant was robbed five days later.


Police said McClendon was suspected of kicking in the door of a home and exchanging gunfire with a homeowner. Both men died.

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