Monday, September 1, 2014

CBS 8 Troy Newsroom

Union Springs Police: Two Dead in Murder-Suicide
Two men are dead in what Union Springs police are calling a murder-suicide.

New Football Coach Heads Into Home Opener In Troy
Many high school football teams will wrap up their first home games tonight.

Troy University Agreement with Southern Union
Reaction To 315 Exchange Bar Reopening
A Troy bar with a history of police calls for underage drinking, among other infractions, may soon be reopening.

A Troy Bar Could Re-Open Under New Management
A Troy bar that was shut down due to numerous problems could soon reopen.

Pike Co. Rodeo This Weekend
More than one hundred cowboys will saddle up at the Pike County rodeo this weekend.

University Offers Program on Social Media Security
It can take only one click for a hacker to get into your personal information from social media.

Another Still Destroyed in Bullock County
State liquor agents have destroyed their fourth moonshine still this year in Bullock County.

University Police Add New Cars To Fleet
Troy University students heading back to class may already have noticed new police cars driving around campus.

Police: Child Porn Found on Computer of Man Out on Bond For Sex Abuse
Troy police arrest a man for child pornography.