Triple Murder Suspect On the Run, Police Focus Search in Selma and Dallas Co.


By Heather VacLav

It's the third night investigators are searching for 22-year-old Deandra Marquis Lee who is accused for shooting 9-year-old twins Jordan and Taylor Dejerinett, plus their babysitter 73-year-old Jack Mac Girdner.


Friday night investigators are focusing their search in Selma and the Dallas County area. Some people reported seeing Lee in the city, but most are simply scared that Lee could be hiding out in their community.


Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson says Lee is still considered armed and very dangerous.


“So people need to be careful, they need to let law enforcement handle it, they just need to contact law enforcement if they spot Mr. Lee and not try to confront him,” Jackson said.


Friday officers question friends, family and other residents in Selma to track down Lee as he continues to elude police, but according to Jackson, investigators are hot on his trail.


“I have to say my investigators; they can track a squirrel down in the woods,” Jackson said, “So he should be caught pretty soon.”


Jackson also said investigators do not believe Lee is hiding alone. He said anyone who assists Lee to run from police could also go to jail.


“You can actually be considered an accessory to the crime when you're helping somebody escape from a charge,” Jackson said.


People in Selma say they have been on alert since the Alabama Bureau of Investigations posted Lee as a person of interest. Many say they are afraid to be out at night with a potential murderer on the loose.


“I don’t even walk my baby [outside] no more, I be too scared,” said Gabrielle Blebins of Selma.


“People is talking about it, people is mostly upset because he [allegedly] killed these babies,” Willie Davidson of Selma said.


“If he is [guilty], they should be scared, if he didn’t do it, they should still be afraid,” Claude McDaniel said standing alongside his young daughters. McDaniel lives in Minter where babysitter Jack Girdner’s missing 1988 Mercedes Benze was found Wednesday with all four doors removed.


According to District Attorney Jackson, once Deandra Lee is arrested, he will not be able to be released. Thursday, a Dallas County Judge granted the Jackson’s request to revoke Lee's bond for other charges, including resisting arrest and carrying a gun without a permit.


“When he gets picked up, he's not going to be able to get out, he's going to be locked up until all this stuff is dealt with in another county,” Jackson said.


As for when an arrest will be made, sources tell CBS-8 News they expect to find Lee by this weekend, but could not pin down a timeline.


U.S. Marshals are also offering up to $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of Deandra Lee. The number to call is 251-295-7016.


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