2006 Church Arsonist Moved to Prison Camp at Maxwell Air Force Base


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  One of the men convicted of setting fire to nine churches in rural west Alabama back in 2006 is no longer in a secure federal prison.

Bibb County District Attorney Michael Jackson says church arsonist Matthew Cloyd is now at the Federal Prison Camp at Maxwell Air Force Base. Maxwell is a minimum security facility that houses male offenders.
Jackson says Cloyd should have to serve his entire federal sentence at a secure federal facility. He says Cloyd and arson accomplice, Benjamin Mosely, will be entering state prison this year.

"And I just don't want anything funny happening where these guys are just walking the streets before they serve out their full amount of time, which they should," said Jackson. "It was just really a terrifying experience for the community and anybody that burn churches down will do almost anything."

Russell Debusk, the third man who pleaded guilty to participating in five of the fires, is already out of prison.

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