Church Arsonist Released From State Prison


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom-- One of the three men responsible for setting fire to a string of Alabama churches back in 2006-- is let out of prison. Convicted arsonist Russell Lee DeBusk was released from state prison with time served. Bibb County Circuit Judge Marvin Wiggins amended DeBusk's sentence today-- and ordered that his federal and state sentences run concurrent. That means each year of jail time served-- satisfies both federal and state prison sentences at the same time--instead DeBusk having to serve each sentence separately. "I think it sends a poor message for justice," said Bibb County District Attorney Michael Jackson. "These guys went and burned up five churches in Bibb County and some other churches across West Alabama, they should serve their state sentence along with their federal sentence. DeBusk was in state prison but now he's been released and I just think it's an outrage," he said. DeBusk will be placed on 5 years probation and has to do 200 hours of community service. He's also been ordered to pay restitution.

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