Dallas Co. Man Jailed After Weekend Meth Lab Bust in Burnsville


By George McDonald

From the CBS 8 West Alabama Newsroom--  A Dallas County man is behind bars after authorities discover a meth-lab in a trailer in Burnsville.

Thirty year old Christopher Julian is charged with criminal possession of a narcotic, manufacturing a narcotic and trafficking narcotics.

Investigator Mike Granthum with the Dallas Co. Sheriff's Office says the investigation started after several complaints from residents about heavy traffic and a foul odor in the area.

“It actually lets off fumes and that’s one of the ways we catch these guys. Neighbors, they smell the fumes, they report it to us and that way we can set-up on the lab," said Granthum. "It’s a smell unlike no other, it sets off fumes and it could actually burn lungs and cause problems with the respiratory system.”

Julian is being held in the Dallas County Jail under a $310,000 dollar bond.

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