Dallas Co. School Board Names Interim Superintendent


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  The Dallas County School Board names an interim superintendent after they are unable to chose between the two finalists for the job.

Assistant superintendent Don Willingham was named interim superintendent -- after the board was unable to pick a permanent replacement for out-going superintendent Fannie Major-McKenzie.

"I think the board wanted to make sure we had a smooth transition," said Willingham.

"Dr. McKenzie's contract is up November 1st but should she leave earlier than that, they've got someone in place and its something I'm comfortable with we've worked together for the last eight years," he said.

The five member board was unable to pick a permanent superintendent after narrowing a field of eight candidates down to Willingham and Concordia College Alabama professor Tonya Chestnut.

Board member Roy Edwards was against naming an interim superintendent.

"It seems to me we should have been able to, and that's what we're elected for, to make decisions," said Edwards.

Willingham will take over as interim superintendent when McKenzie retires.

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