Dallas Co. Sheriff's Office Offers Gun Safety Classes


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  Changes in Alabama's gun law bring people out in Dallas County who want to learn about gun safety.

Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman says he decided to hold thus safety class when people began to express an interest after the new gun law went into effect.

"This is set up for the citizens that want to learn more about safety with their handgun," said Huffman. "A lot of them has never held a gun in their life."

Participants learned the Ten Commandments of Gun Safety in the classroom -- then learned about firing their gun out on a firing range.

"My family members had guns but I was always afraid of guns," said Vivian Fleming. "When I came to this class it gave me more respect for a gun."

Huffman says he plans to continue the classes about every three or four months.

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