Recovery Process Underway in Selma After Floods


By George McDonald

From the CBS 8 West Alabama Newsroom--  People in Selma hit by flash flooding Tuesday -- have started picking up the pieces after storm.

Businesses and homes all over town were damaged by the flooding.

A remnant of Hurricane Isaac dumped more than nine inches of rain on the city in a relatively short period of time causing flash flooding all over town.

Water got up higher than three feet in some low-lying areas.

Sixteen cars were damaged at Victor Automotive Sales and Service on Citizens Parkway.

"The water came in so fast that we could not get all the vehicles out, some of them even began to float," said salesman Rusty Weedon.

Marcie Spence works at Rice Banking Company located right next door.

"Just all of a sudden it was here, when we did get out of the building when we stepped off the curb it was over our waist," said Spence.

Any and all flood damage should be reported to the Dallas County Emergency Management Agency at (334) 874-2515.

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