Thursday, December 18, 2014

Former State Legislator Registers as a Sex Offender in Dallas Co.
By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  A former long-time state representative is now officially registered as a sex offender in Dallas County.

Official notification is being posted in Selma and Dallas County identifying James Thomas as a sex offender. Thomas was convicted of having sexual contact with a student at Wilcox Central High School where he worked as principal.

As a registered sex offender Thomas had to submit a DNA sample and fingerprints that will be held on file and his name and photo will be added to Alabama Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry.

"It's a protection for the community and kids to make people aware, it just makes the community aware of who is living around them," said Dallas Co. District Attorney Michael Jackson.

Thomas also has to register with authorities every three months and have a state issued I.D. that identifies him as a sex offender-- on his person at all times.