Former Selma Mayor James Perkins Writes Book on Gay Marriage


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  The man who was elected the first black mayor of the city of Selma has written a book but it's not about that experience.

Former Selma Mayor James Perkins has now added author to his growing list of career accomplishments. He's written a book entitled -- Same Sex Marriage Rights Issue -- the Issue is Not the Problem.
Perkins says the book provides a fresh new perspective on the controversial issue.

"I want to create a different kind of discussion, I want people to, let's really focus on the problem. Let's peel the onion back, let's not deal with the symptoms. I'm convinced that the same sex marriage rights issue is a symptom to a much greater problem."

The book is available on amazon and create space. For more information about the book go to Message by

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