Gang Beating in Selma Recorded on Video and Posted Online


By George McDonald

From the CBS 8 West Alabama Newsroom-- Six people are arrested in Selma after what police call a gang beating-- is recorded on video -- and posted online.

The video shows a lone teen boy surrounded by a group of teen boys. One of the teens in the group is seen sucker-punching the victim several times-- then the other teens join in and brutally assault the helpless teen victim.

Eighteen year old Alvin James Bolden and five juveniles have been arrested on the felony charge of Compelling Gang Membership.

"This is a stark reminder in Selma of what's going on. You know somebody getting beat down in the neighborhood defenseless against all these guys is just a sad situation," said Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson.

"The action that took place against this juvenile and the beating that he took is just unacceptable and we as a society cannot condone that, no shape or form," said Selma Police Chief William Riley.

Bolden is now out of jail on a 15-thousand dollar bond. The five juveniles will remain detained until a hearing scheduled for later this month.

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