Hundreds of Worker Layoffs Announced at American Apparel in Selma


By George McDonald

One of Dallas County’s largest employers announces the impending layoff of hundreds of employees.
The loss of a government contract to make coats for the Army combat uniform—is forcing American Apparel to layoff about 250 workers.

Dallas County already has the third highest unemployment rate in the state at 16-point 6-percent.

The layoffs will likely make that number go up even higher.

Shaundra Posey and Gillie Blocton are American Apparel employees.

“I have no idea what we going to do because we can’t find no job around here, it already ain’t no jobs so,” said Posey.

“This is my source of income, this is how we live from day to day and if we lose our job, you know my income is not based on unemployment, my household is not so I need my job,” said Blocton.

Company officials say the layoffs could start as soon as this week-- and be completed by the middle of January.

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