Law Enforcement Agencies Get Hostage Training in Selma


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom-- Law enforcement agencies from across Central and South Alabama are in Selma  learning how to effectively respond to a hostage situation.

The training is part of 18th annual Law Enforcement Training Conference sponsored by the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Dallas Co. District Attorney.

"Given what's going on in the world with a lot of people running around with guns and taking hostages officers need to know how to respond," said Dallas Co. District Attorney Michael Jackson.

About 30 law enforcement agencies and 130 officers are taking part in the two-day conference. The conference also provides networking opportunities for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

"So it's connecting the locals with the federal services and things like that to make sure that they know what those services are," said Southern District U.S. Attorney Kenyen Brown.

Other areas of training at the conference include-- apprehending violent offenders -- school safety -- and death notifications.

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