Friday, December 19, 2014

School Officials Consider Closing Austin Junior High in Linden
By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  The Linden City School System is looking into the possibility of closing one of it's three schools after the school year.

Superintendent George Baldwin says shutting down George P. Austin Junior High could save the district about $100,000 dollars a year.

Baldwin says the money could be used to renovate and upgrade the two remaining schools over a period of time.

"I think closing the middle school would be somewhat of a problem. Middle school is the transitioning point from elementary to high school," said former Austin student Marcy Anthony.

"We're going to have to look at scheduling to try and keep the lower grades from mixing with the higher grades as much as possible those are some of the things that we have to consider," said Linden School Superintendent George Baldwin.

Baldwin says a decision concerning the fate of the school will be made before the end of the school year.