Selma Area Food Bank in Critical Need


By George McDonald

From the CBS 8 West Alabama Newsroom--  A huge drop in support to a Selma charity is drastically hurting efforts to fight hunger in a part of the state where the need is the greatest.

Selma Area Food Bank Executive Director JD Parks says donations have dropped off by 35 percent this year-- leaving thousands of people with fewer options to get the help they need.

"We serve Dallas, Perry, Marengo and Wilcox Counties which are some of the most economically depressed in the whole country," said Parks.

The food bank provides food to dozens of agencies that distribute food to thousands of people.

Alfreda Irving of Myrtlewood helps the New Jerusalem Baptist Church food pantry distribute food to people in need in her community.

"We have a lot of elderly people in our community, we have a lot of single mothers, so, it helps them out a lot," said Irving.

Last year, the Selma Area Food Bank provided food to about 75 agencies-- and averaged about 16,000 client services a month.

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