Saturday, December 20, 2014

Selma High School Placed on Lockdown
By CBS 8 News

Selma High School is placed on lockdown after a gun is found inside the school.

Police Chief William Riley says the school was placed on lockdown for about 30 minutes after a teacher spotted a gun in a student's book bag.

He says a student was somehow able to sneak the gun inside the building - and then gave it to another student to hold for him.

Selma Police Chief William Riley says, "We later learned that the individual that later brought the gun to school threatened another student with the gun, we're now running that information down as well. Right now the two juveniles one is age 15 and one is age 17 are looking at charges of bringing a deadly weapon on school property, bringing the gun, and the one of brandishing that firearm at another student or more less menacing that other student with the weapon."

Riley says the case remains under investigation.  and both juveniles are facing charges.