Friday, December 19, 2014

Selma Woman Charged With Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card
By George McDonald

From the CBS 8 West Alabama Newsroom--   A Selma woman is behind bars after allegedly being caught on video using someone else's credit card.

Police say Veronica D. Williams found the victim's wallet at a fast-food restaurant last week-- then quickly went down the street to Wal-Mart to go shopping.

Security cameras show Williams swiping the victim's card-- minutes after the victim says the wallet was lost.

"Based on the time frame that the card was swiped, we were able to go back and find out what register was used and then we were able to go to the video surveillance and look at that register at that particular time and see who it was indeed that swiped the card, whether it was the card owner or somebody else that swiped the card," said Selma Police Officer Quinton Benton.

Williams is facing three counts of Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card--  and Theft of Lost Property third.
Her bond has been set at $51,000 dollars.