Shelter Animals in Selma Get a Week-Long Pardon From the City


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  There's good news for some animals in Selma. The city has issued a week-long pardon for all of the animals in the Selma Animal Shelter.

The pardon gives animal lovers and animal rescue groups -- seven days to try and find homes for all of the animals at the shelter.

The shelter currently has more than one hundred dogs and cats -- and none of them can be euthanized during the week of the pardon.

Nona Curtin is the director of the Selma Animal Shelter.

"We need the public to come out and look for a nice little dog or cat cause we have plenty of them and hopefully they'll all find a home," said Curtin.

If you would like to adopt an animal -- or help with the project -- call the Selma Animal Shelter at (334) 877-2204.

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