Will Parking Be A Problem For Turkey Day Classic?


By Ashley Thompson

An estimated 35,000 people are expected to show up for the Turkey Day Classic this Thursday. This has some concerned with the availability of parking.

"It's going to be a big family function. We go down Thanksgiving, we go to the game and then we all go to my uncles," says Tuskegee University student Lamarhea Hall.

She says she'll be arriving at the Turkey Day Classic with a group of 30. However, she hadn't even given parking a second thought.

"I'm not really that concerned but I'm excited," she says.

With a stadium that can hold a little over 26,000 guests and a campus with only 4000 parking spaces, ASU has had to make preparations for alternative parking.

"We've worked with the city of Montgomery to allow for parking at the Cramton Bowl and Paterson Field. We've worked with Retirement Systems of Alabama to use 6 of their parking decks in the downtown area. And we've also worked with the state of Alabama to use parking around the State House...and we're going to run a shuttle from those locations back to campus," says ASU Police Chief Huey Thornton.

Purchasing a $15.00 parking pass will guarantee you a spot on campus. Parking will be 5 dollars at Cramton Bowl and will be free at all other locations. Regardless of potential parking problems, some students remain optimistic.

"I mean, that's what makes it fun. Finding parking, that's one of the experiences going to the classic," says Tuskegee University student Cameron Duncan.

Off campus parking available at:

Cramton Bowl, Paterson Field, and Oak Park $5

RSA Union Parking Deck at 101 N. Ripley St - Free

Legislative Parking Lots at Ripley/King and Washington/King - Free

RSA Plaza Deck at 777 Adams Ave. - Free

Criminal Justice Center Deck at 301 Ripley St. - Free

RSA Headquarters Deck at 255 S. Union St. - Free

Center for Commerce at 400 Adams Ave. - Free

Capitol Parking Deck at 501 Monroe St. - Free

For maps, tickets and more information visit http://hornethomecoming.com/

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