Auburn, Alabama Fans Weigh In On Upcoming Season


By Ashley Thompson

Spring practice is underway for college football teams.

While Alabama is coming off a national championship title, Auburn is coming off a historically low season. Now, fans of both teams have various expectations for the upcoming season.

The spring rosters are out and athletes for both the Alabama and Auburn football teams are already hard at work, running drills, and making necessary changes. Alabama went 13-1 in the regular season last year before defeating Notre Dame to win the BCS National Championship. Some fans say they're ready to see that again.

"If they just keep staying consistent with the coaching, keep doing what they've been doing, I think they have another shot at a BCS Championship," says fan William Davis.

"National Championship again," says fan Dewayne Sanders. "Most definitely. We did it. We proved it. How many times have we won in the last 5 years? 3!"

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban says his new team is working toward another successful season.

"As long as they're focused on improving and working hard to do it, we feel like we can make a lot of progress toward getting where we want to be by the end of the spring."

At Auburn, fans say they just want the football team to be competitive and would like to see improvement from last season.

"I expect to win more games than losses," says running back Johnathan Ford. "We're hoping for the best. I'm not saying we're going to have an undefeated season but actually what we're anticipating for this season is at least like eight games."

Last season, Auburn went 3-9 and failed to win any SEC matchups. But on the first day of Spring Practice, Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn says his team is already on the road to improvement.

"We've gotten stronger," he explains. "We've gotten a little bit mentally tougher from the time that we just got here. But when you start practice, you just start fresh and you kind of judge it day-by-day and how it goes. Like I told them, our goal each day is to get better."

Auburn fans want the team to get better as well.

"We couldn't get worse," says Auburn fan Daniel Flores. "That's the thing. Eight wins would be great but that's a little optimistic. We want to go .500."

But some Alabama fans are expecting much more than that from their team.

"A .500 season?" asks Sanders. "Do you know how long it's been since we had one of those? It's been a while. I would be very disappointed."

The Alabama football team is on spring break this week and will resume practice next week. Both Auburn and Alabama will have their final practice, on A-day, April 20th.

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