Auburn Fans Discuss Chizik's Job


By Ellis Eskew

It's been a tough season for the Auburn Tigers.

Just 2 years ago they had a perfect season with a national championship title.

Now, a losing season with Head Coach Gene Chizik in the hot seat.

"He's been slacking so he needs to definitely step his game up or else he's gonna be gone," said Auburn fan Jeremy Sandley.

But some fans say they aren't ready for the coach to go.

"Having a bad year. I don't think they should get rid of him because of one year. But normally the SEC can't stand a losing record. I guess if they want to go ahead and fire him I guess they have the right to. But if I was Auburn, I'd give him another chance," said Auburn fan William Nails.

Other fans say they are already over this season. And thinking of other coaches to take Chizik's place.

"I've heard Charlie Strong's name getting thrown around. I've heard Bob Stoops has been thrown around as a potential. Guess it's just wait and see right now," said Auburn fan Zack Trost.

Even Alabama fans are weighing in...

"Bobby Petrino... Regardless of what all happened at Arkansas, I think he'll be a good fit for Auburn. A good choice. I guess they need to get somebody in there who will actually win and make the Iron Bowl a competitive game," said Bama fan Mark Morris.

Despite the losing season, Chizik says he feels confident he can turn the program around.

Auburn takes on Alabama A&M this Saturday.

They will take on Alabama in the Iron Bowl November 24th. You can catch that game on CBS 8. Kick-off is at 2:30.


After a losing season and a huge loss to Georgia this past weekend, rumors are flying that Auburn Coach Gene Chizik could be on the way out.

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