Chizik Still Has Confidence In Auburn Assistants


By CBS 8 Sports

Auburn coach Gene Chizik says he has confidence in his assistants and that he feels "a very, very high sense of responsibility" to Tigers fans.
Chizik said Sunday that at season's end "we go out and evaluate everybody as I get evaluated."
The Tigers (1-6, 0-5 Southeastern Conference) are off to their worst start in 60 years. Chizik says he doesn't worry about himself but the fans, players and coaches.
He says, "It's about everybody else and everybody else's expectations and things of that nature. I don't take that lightly."
Chizik says the team and coaches will continue to fight "down to the end."
The Tigers are coming off a 17-14 loss at Vanderbilt and have the 119th-ranked offense. They host No. 22 Texas A&M on Saturday.

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