Friday, December 19, 2014

Could SEC Football Rivalries Be in Jeopardy?
By Ellis Eskew

Could the the SEC football schedule be changing?

SEC coaches recently voted 13 to 1 to keep the 8-game conference schedule.

Alabama's Nick Saban was the only one who voted to make it a 9 SEC game schedule. Now, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier says he could go along with Saban... but there's a catch.

The longtime annual rivalries could go on a rotating basis and not play every year. Fans we talked to definitely had something to say about that.

When it comes to SEC football, some say it's a religion.
And when it comes to its schedule, many fans say it's sacred.

 "I'd honestly like to stay with a 8 game SEC schedule. The primary reason is just the rivalries that we have such as Georgia and Auburn. I'm a die hard Georgia fan and there's plenty of those rivalries out there, Tennessee and Bama, etc. I don't think we can take away from those. They are very sacred to an SEC fan," said Wade Clegg.

Nick Saban argues that 9 games would be better for fans.

"If you gave Saban nine games that'd be an extra win for him," said Bama fan Chris Miller,  "Roll Tide!"

But not everyone agrees with the concept, especially if it meant not playing those traditional rivalries as much.

"Definitely for rivalries staying in tact...seeing Nebraska or Oklahoma play every 3 years or 2 years, that stinks for fans. I like to see them every year," said Nathan Aucero.

Because to fans, it's all about the passion of the sport.

 "Whatever helps keep the excitement in the game. Whether it's the Georgia Bulldogs beating up on Florida or Alabama, I think we need to keep the rivalries in place," said UGA fan Eric Thomas.

The vote has already been decided that the schedule will remain the same, with 8 SEC games.
    The earliest it could come back for a vote is next year at the SEC Spring meetings.