Former Auburn QB Charlie Trotman, Students Speak Out on Tigers' Woes


By Ashley Thompson

While Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik addressed concerns about the state of the 1-5 football program at his weekly news conference, students and former Tigers quarterback Charlie Trotman are also speaking out.

The Tigers are winless against SEC teams this season and are an underdog against Vanderbilt on Saturday.

Trotman is among those saying that something must be done to turn this season around.

"It's not that we feel like we have to win every game, that's not it. We want to be competitive. I mean, we want to have a team that goes out there and that we can get excited about seeing play. And we know the guys are giving great effort, that's not the question. The question is if you've got talent and they're giving great effort, why isn't there really anything to show for it?" Trotman told CBS 8 News.

The Auburn Tigers are on the road to play Vanderbilt Saturday in Nashville.

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