Have Auburn Fans Given Up?


By Ashley Thompson

The team is on track for one of its worst years ever but have Auburn fans given up on the season?


"It's kind of hard to ignore a 1 and 7 season but I guess we just try to work through it" says Auburn Student Jonathan Holliday.

Holliday remains skeptical about the rest of the season. And he isn't the only one. Many students here are uncertain about the future of Tiger Football.

the internet for a little as five dollars. The price - perhaps a reflection of the way this football season has been going.


In last week's blowout loss to Texas A&M, Jordan-Hare stadium was almost empty before the start of the second quarter. And this week, tickets for the upcoming New Mexico State game can be found on

"It's almost like the players have given up. It's kind of sad to see" says student Sean Kemp.

CBS 8 Sports Analyst John Longshore says Auburn Fans are fed up and with good reason.

"They're tired of it. That's just not what Auburn football is about. They're less than two years removed from a national championship. I mean, this is a proud program. One of the top programs in all of college football, not just the SEC. And the embarrassment that they've been through not only on the field but off the field issues as well, have certainly hindered Auburn. Enough's enough" says Longshore.

What's wrong with the Tigers?

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