Local Golfer Grabbing National Spotlight


By Alabama News Network

The golfer known as "Hulk" around Wynlakes Country Club in Montgomery is getting national attention for his skills, especially his knack for hitting the ball far -- really far.

In his first try, Jeffrey Grear qualified and competed in the world long-drive championships in Nevada against some of the longest hitters from around the world.

"The nerves really got me going," Grear told Alabama News Network. "It was hard to tee the ball up."

Grear came up seven yards short of making the final 48. But professional golfer Cole Willis, who Grear met at Wynlakes, remains impressed with his power.

"A guy that hits a long way hits 330, 340 yards," Willis said. "To see him hit it well over 400 yards -- you just don't see it very often."

Grear says taking part in the world long-drive championships was a great experience and he hopes he can turn his love for the game into a career.

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