Auburn, Miss. State Teams Arrive in Montgomery


By Ellis Eskew

The Auburn Tigers rolled into Montgomery about six o'clock Friday evening.
Gus Malzahn and the team filed into the Renaissance Hotel as fans waited patiently to see their favorite players.
We asked some if they could remember the last time Auburn won an SEC game.

 "I think the last time Auburn worn a SEC game was.... October... 11th.... 2011," said Serena Grant.

Actually, it was Oct. 29, 2011 when they beat Ole Miss 41- 23.

And fans tell us they believe this weekend will stop the losing streak.

"But I do have faith in them. I'm quite sure they're going to beat them this time," said Grant.

A few minutes after the tigers came to town the Mississippi State Bulldogs made their way into the Embassy Suites Hotel.
And we also found even the youngest of fans ready to cheer them on.

"Very excited about the team coming in town. Looking for a good game tomorrow," said SCott Dean with the MSU Alumni Asscociation.

Other fans looking forward to the game are Peggy and Riley Monroe. But they are a house divided!
Riley is for Mississippi State and Peggy is for Auburn.

 "It's pretty bad when they play Auburn, she's pretty good the rest of the time," said Riley.

We asked Peggy how she was feeling about the game.

 "Well, not too sure. They both have a few problems," said Peggy.

But at the end of the day there will have to be a winner. And both sides are looking forward to seeing who will pull through.

 "War Eagle!" said Peggy.  "...and Go Bulldogs!" said Riley.

Auburn kicks off at Jordan-Hare Stadium at 6:00 Saturday.

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