Central High- Hayneville marks 56th Straight Loss, Fans Remain Loyal


By Ellis Eskew

Central High of Hayneville looked to put an end to their six year losing streak over Montgomery Academy Friday night. Unfortunately for them, they lost their 56th straight game 37-14. But people we talked to say it's about more than just winning.

Central High marched onto the Montgomery Academy 's McLemore field with their heads held high.
Just like any team parents are proud of their players.

Lashica Dixon says, " #55 Darrell Dixon. Today is his birthday. So I hope he gets 17 tackles cause he is 17 today."

But despite the confidence, Central High is looking for one thing. .. a win. In fact, they haven't won a game since 2007. But the losing streak doesn't keep the fans away.

 "I just like to see them play. I like to see him do his best each and every time he goes on the field," said parent Marie Gordon.

And they say its not all about winning.

"The most important thing is that he has fun and he's getting experience.. teamwork and how to mature. That's the most important thing to me. Its not about winning...I wish we could win a game, but..." said Dixon.

We asked fans from the Montgomery Academy how they feel about playing a team that can't seem to find a break.

 "its the sport..you win some and you lose some. They'll pick back up in the next few years or so," said Dison Williams, 9th grader at the Montgomery Academy.

And so the fans say they will stick with their team win or lose because the scoreboard may say one thing... but their hearts say another.


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