Excitement Builds for Auburn Fans Ranked 11th in BCS Standings


By Ellis Eskew

Excitement is definitely in the air as the Auburn Tigers make their way into the Capital City.

It seems with last week's win over Texas A&M, fans are even more excited about the rest of the season.

Jake Luckie says, "just so proud to see the tigers lay Johnny Manziel out in that last play and when they sacked him on that last play, our house went crazy. Just an awesome moment in Auburn history."

Fans cheered on the team as they walked into the Renaissance hotel in downtown Montgomery Friday.
They say they have seen a difference in the team for the past few games.

"What I see most different is unity and confidence. They really can be competitive with anyone they face on the field," said Gloria Frazier.

And many credit their new coach....

Chalyiss Hannon tells us,  "Malzahn was there during Cam Newton time. Great offense then when he was defensive coordinator, so head coach position, great start."

And with their 6-1 record, it's hard for them to not think about the big game coming down the road.

"Alabama and Auburn-- one game that counts every year.. I believe War Eagle is going to pull it out!" said Hannon.

Auburn fans say this year will be different.

"Compared to last year's Iron Bowl, I'm expecting a tremendous completely different game because now it's in Auburn. We've got the momentum going behind us. Of course, I'd love to see Auburn whip Alabama at home. Anything would be better than last year." said Luckie.

Fans tell us they believe anything can happen.

 "Being at Auburn it would just be very exciting for all of the fans and just look forward to it and I think it will be a really good game. I think Auburn could win," said Hal Taylor.

But right now... They are taking it all in stride.

 "I just want them to take the time to win one game at a time," said Frazier.


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