Ligety emerges as contender for overall title


BEAVER CREEK, Colo. (AP) — So efficiently, Ted Ligety weaved his way through a giant slalom course filled with deep ruts ready to swallow up his skis.

And so effortlessly, the U.S. skier gained speed with each gate he buzzed by on his way to the finish line at Beaver Creek.

Lately, it's not a matter of whether he will win a GS race, but by how much. That's how dominant he's been in the discipline, winning Sunday by 1.76 seconds.

That's his second straight lopsided GS victory, too, leaving the field to wonder how to catch him — or if they even can at all.

Wait, there's more. Ligety has suddenly been swift in speed events, too.

So much so that all eyes are on him as he's emerged as an overall title contender.

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