PBR partners with RFD-TV on top 20 special


OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Professional Bull Riders has partnered with former CEO Randy Bernard to commemorate its 20th anniversary season with a weekly special aired on the network he now runs.

RFD-TV will debut "PBR 20-20" on May 1. The 90-minute episodes will showcase the top 20 PBR events of all time.

It's the first time PBR and RFD-TV have partnered, but the match became obvious once Bernard became CEO of the network in December. Bernard was CEO of PBR from 1995 until 2010, when he became CEO of IndyCar.

PBR and RFD-TV combed through hours of archived footage to put together the series, which covers 20 events chosen by industry veterans. The first 12 weeks will feature incredible competitions, including the St. Louis 2001 event, where PBR riders produced 11 90-plus rides — the equivalent of 11 grand slams in a baseball game.

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