Lotulelei has star potential despite heart scare


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — He has the perfect name, even if it belies his soft-spoken nature.

Now that concerns about his heart function have been alleviated, defensive tackle Star Lotulelei (LO-too-leh-lay) is ready to make the jump from former furniture mover to NFL first-round pick.

NFL.com personnel evaluator Gil Brandt believes Lotulelei will have a long NFL career and possibly a Pro Bowl career if he becomes more consistent.

Brandt rates Lotulelei as the 22nd best player in the draft, which starts Thursday.

Other draft prognosticators have the 6-foot-3, 314-pound University of Utah standout going in the top five because of his versatility along the line.

Lotulelei's strength has never been in question. A test at the NFL scouting combine raised a red flag about his heart.

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