Suspension or Removal may Help Chief Justice Roy Moore

The latest suspension comes after the Judicial Inquiry Commission filed ethics charges against Moore this past Friday, accusing him of abusing his authority and failing to respect the judiciary.

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The controversial conservative Chief Justice Roy Moore makes waves throughout the judicial system once again.
The complaints this time say Moore told state probate judges to enforce the state’s ban on same-sex marriage despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing it.

Alabama residents have their own opinions about him.

“If he’s gonna be a politician and that is what he has chosen to do, then he needs to represent everybody. That includes every citizen in the state of Alabama,” said one person.
“I think he should stay,” said another.
“That’s why He made Adam and Eve. Woman is our help mate. So He took a man’s rib and made woman. And yes, he’s standing for what is right,” said someone else.
“I think he should step down. And if he doesn’t step down, they should remove his a**,” said another person.
But Political analyst Steve Flowers says he doesn’t think Moore has done anything against the law.

“My perception of what the Judicial Inquiry position is they are to police someone for stealing money or taking a bribe or something illegal. I don’t think what Moore has done is illegal,” said Flowers.

In fact, if he is removed from office a second time, Flowers say it may just help him.

“Alabamians are tired of one percent of the population dictating what 99 percent of them do. They are tired of this ‘same bathroom’ stuff and all of that. So he’s actually making himself a hero again….They are making him a martyr. If indeed they remove him from the bench, they will pretty much elect him governor of Alabama,” said Flowers.

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