Sumter Co. Sheriff Found Guilty, Removed from Office

TyroneClarkAttorney General Luther Strange announced that the Alabama Supreme Court today removed Sumter County Sheriff Tyrone Clark Sr. from office, following impeachment proceedings this week in which his office presented evidence of grave wrongdoing by the Sheriff. “Justice has been served,” the Attorney General stated.

“Alabamians rightfully expect their public officials to conduct their duties of office honestly and in accordance with the law,” said Attorney General Strange. “When public officials are also sworn to uphold the law, as in the case of a sheriff, there is an even higher expectation that they will abide by their oath.

“Today, the Alabama Supreme Court upheld impeachment charges, initiated by Sumter County District Attorney Greg Griggers, reported by the Sumter County grand jury, and prosecuted by the Office of the Attorney General, against Sumter County Sheriff Tyrone Clark Sr. Sheriff Clark was found guilty of willful neglect of duty and corruption in office and removed from his office of sheriff of Sumter County.”

In a unanimous per curiam opinion, the Alabama Supreme Court found Clark guilty of willful neglect of duty and corruption in office. A majority of the justices found him guilty of all specifications as alleged. The entire Court found Clark guilty of the following specifications charged in the information: specifications 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of Charge 1, and specifications 1, 2, and 3 of Charge 2.

Any possible criminal proceedings against Clark would be brought separately from the impeachment.

“I am proud of the men and women of the Attorney General’s Special Prosecutions Division in securing the impeachment of Sheriff Clark,” said Attorney General Strange. “Public Corruption is a top priority of my office.”

Attorney General Strange thanked District Attorney Greg Griggers of the 17th Judicial Circuit and Beau Brown of the Alabama Office of Prosecution Services for their valuable assistance. He commended Assistant Attorney General Megan Kirkpatrick, Deputy Attorney General Mike Duffy, and the Special Agents of the Attorney General’s Special Prosecutions Division for their outstanding work in this case.

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