Tallasee Dog Undergoes Stem Cell Procedure

We’ve seen medical advancements using stem cells in humans, but one Tallasee dog is reaping the benefits of a relatively new procedure using her own stem cells.

Dr. Michelle J Mitchell says  “we’re using the pets own adult stem cells and we’re giving them back to the pet in such a way as to elicit healing, promote healing, decrease pain, decrease inflammation, it actually has been shown to rebuild some cartilage in damaged joints, it is an amazing technology that has improved the quality of life in numerous pets.”

Mitchell is one of 3 veterinarians in Alabama, that perform this stem cell therapy procedure. Katie is a 5-year-old Coon-hound Mix with severe hip dysplasia and premature degenerative joint disease, making her a perfect candidate for stem cell therapy.

Mitchell says that “this pet has been suffering from a pretty significant amount of degenerative joint disease and pain for sometime and as you know there are medications we can use to increase their comfort but again its a progressive condition so therefore it just keeps getting….it doesn’t do anything to heal it just manages the pain so they’re more comfortable”

According to Mitchell, the procedure itself is relatively simple.

She explains “were gonna be harvesting her stem cells from the fat, gonna go inside the abdomen…then we’re gonna mix those stems cells with her own platelet rich plasma and then were gonna inject it back onto her hips knees her shoulders and any site of energy.”

She and her staff only operate on the pet for about 30 minutes and the longest part is processing the fat and extracting the stem cells to be injected, which can take about 4 hours.

She says that “once those cells are in those joints, they start working immediately, any site of inflammation is a magnet for stem cells.”