Students in Butler County Schools to Start “Leader in Me” Program

Butter County Schools will join more than 3,500 schools across the nation involved in the curriculum

Students in Butler County schools are about to start a new chapter in leadership development.

“It’s called The Leader in Me program and it’s based on Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People,'” said Dr. John Strycker, Superintendent, Butler County Schools.

The book is at the core of “The Leader in Me” curriculum. Superintendent Strycker plans to introduce the program to students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

“If leadership skills work for young adults, and leadership skills are effective for adults, then why wouldn’t we teach the younger children those leadership skills that we can build upon as they get older.”

The program will concentrate on each of the seven habits – and taught differently to each grade level.

“We were underestimating the younger children, the kindergartners and first graders. They can learn leadership skills, they can be proactive, they can learn to put first things first.”

Butter County schools will join more than 3,500 schools across the nation involved in the program.

“There is momentum to bring this program in and I think it’s because community leaders get the concept.”

The intent is to transform the school system’s culture. It’s something Dr. Strycker says will help students develop life skills to apply to academics.

“You just can’t the fundamental building blocks of teaching leadership skills to our young people. You can’t argue it.”

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