Protesters Demand Justice for Troy Teen

Is it a case of police brutality?  Protesters believe 17-teen year-old Ulysses Wilkerson’s encounter with Troy Police is exactly that.

“What you just witnessed-what the world just witnessed this past weekend was discrimination at it’s finest,” says Travis Jackson.

Supporters want to make sure the teen and his family receive justice.

“It’s just to bring the realization that we can’t wait until it comes to our city, we can’t wait until it comes to our family before we stand together in unity against these kind of things,” says Cory Pettway.

The city says officers used force against Wilkerson because he ran from them, resisting arrest and reached into his waistband, making officer fear he was armed.

Officials have confirmed that there is body camera footage of the arrest and protesters want the video released by Friday, January 5th. If it isn’t they say they will boycott city businesses.

They also want the officer responsible fired.

Mothers in the crowd say they can relate to the incident because they have children.

“That’s my own nightmare, coming true for her, it’s heartbreaking,” says Monica McCall.

Supporters say, they want the family to know that they do not stand alone.

“This is something that the whole country has been adherent to and if the proper things are not done then we will all be back here again,” says Pettway.

“I want them to do their job, to protect and serve and not to brutalize people,” says McCall.

The officer involved in the incident is on leave from the Troy Police Department.


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