Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed on Fox News; Discusses Reopening Alabama’s Economy

With the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases rising daily in our state and the lack of testing supplies, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed made an appearance on fox news Saturday afternoon. He discussed when Alabama’s economy should reopen… explaining that less than 1% of the state’s population has been tested for the virus.

Mayor Reed explained the importance of what he calls ‘health before wealth’: “Our message is to take the long term approach on this. We’re dealing with something that we’ve never seen before, which is a 50-state national disaster. It’s something that we have to make sure we are prioritizing… the health of our residents and the people who do business here versus the economy, versus those paychecks. We have to make sure that we are respecting those individuals rights to protest, but also… they have to respect the data and the science. That’s what we’re listening to, and I believe that’s what should guide our decisions.”

Mayor Reed said he understands the small-business prospective, but he wants to see virus case numbers decrease in both the Capital City and state before reopening the economy.

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