Rural School Districts Face Low New Teacher Retention

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

New teachers are leaving the classroom at a rate — that’s making the statewide teacher shortage — even worse.

The findings are from a new report from the Alabama Commission on the Evaluation of Services.

The ACES report says Alabama schools are having a tough time holding on to new teachers.

Wal Teacherretention Ll Fox MiniAccording to the data — about 50% of first-time teachers leave the classroom — before the end of three years.

The highest turnover rates are in school districts located in high poverty — rural areas like Wilcox County.

Superintendent Dr. Andre Saulsberry says his district successfully recruits and develops young teachers. But retaining them — has been a challenge.

“We get the professional development support along the way. We give them mentors along the way, so that they can be successful,” said Saulsberry.

“And some of them will end up being great, great teachers. But they will move on to other areas where there is more after-hours life than what we can offer here in Wilcox County.”

The retention rate at Wilcox County Schools — was listed at 10% — in the report.

Selma City — Perry County — and Conecuh County — were also among the five school districts with the lowest retention rates — at 17 — 16– and 14 percent respectively.

Sheffield City Schools had the lowest rate — at 7%.

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