Residents Vote For New MPS District Two Board Member

The Tuesday night primary election surprise a lot of residents when MPS board president Clare Weil was out voted for her district two seat. Over 80 percent of the vote went towards Pamela Portis, who has spent the last 28 years serving the Montgomery County school system.

Portis says that after she retired from working for MPS she decided that there was something else that she needed to do, that was when she got the idea to run for a seat on the school board. She says that she is prepared to step into this new role and help MPS continue to rise. She wants everyone to know that she is thankful to be given this opportunity.

We reached out to Claire Weill who declined to comment but she did send her best wishes To Ms. Portis and any new board members and even though Ms. Portis is running unopposed she will still have to have the votes in the November election in order to become the new district two board member.

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