Several MPS Students Hospitalized after Participating in the One Chip Challenge

Several students in Montgomery Public Schools have been hospitalized after participating in the one chip challenge, and Board of Education Administrators want parents to be aware of the dangers.

The One chip challenge, like many other challenges circulating on social media platforms like TikTok, Youtube and Twitter, is gaining momentum with school-aged children in Montgomery– but the results aren’t safe.
With more than 2 million YouTube views celebrities like Tony Hawk and Sean Evans have made this challenge popular. The premise is to eat one tortilla chip seasoned with two of the hottest peppers known to man, then don’t eat or drink anything else for an hour. Eating the chip possibly causes vomiting, the loss of consciousness and internal bodily harm.
MPS also want to remind students and parents that participating in challenges and/or exchanging food on school campuses is a direct violation of the MPS code of conduct and says their goal is to dissuade students from participating in any sort of challenge.
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